#1 Oh noooooooooo……

….This is what you thought, right? Who the hell needs another photography blog? But don’t worry, I’m not adding my two cents to every this and that for the sake of unduly self-congratulation. I simply want to keep you posted on projects, upcoming exhibitions and publications. And probably bore you from time to time with a bit of self-adulation, too. But come on, you´re reading photographer’s blog. We simply can’t help ourselves and need to blow our own trumpet for a moment every now and then. But I´ll keep it within the limits, promised!

Now, feel free to have a glance at my portfolio. I hope you enjoy it. A few more stories, portraits and singles will be coming soon and as the site is brand-new, just let me know if something doesn’t work properly or if you have any suggestions to improve the site. I’m grateful for every critical hint! And last important thing – first thing, I should have written: I need to thank Alex (www.furred.net) & Immo for giving birth to this site. Without them, I still would have been offline available only for the next decade or two!

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