#6 The Adams Family

It took a while to recover from exhausting but inspiring four days at the Eddie Adams workshop in upstate New York. My biological rhythm was turned upside down due to the predicted lack of sleep and massive input from teachers, speakers and fellow students. Still not all inciting and sometime confusing experiences are digested, but every now and then smaller or bigger epiphanies appear.

The Eddie Adams workshop is the only tuition free photojournalism workshop in the world and was held from November 11th to 14th, 2013 for the 26th time. Each year, 100 students are accepted and guided by the top professionals of the industry. I had the great pleasure to be part of a team guided by National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig and Time magazine editor Patrick Witty with the self-sacrifizing support of Alicia Hansen and Kevin Goggin. The opportunity to work with these dedicated teachers will have a long-lasting impact on my own photographic work and visual approach.

Eddie Adams Class of XXVII

Besides a small photographic assignment that made my stumble upon a golden korean swan, lectures and networking opportunities are the most important part of the workshop. We had great pleasure to hear speakers like Pulitzer Prize winner John H. White, Eugene Richards, Marco Grob, Jodi Cobb, ZalmaÏ, Ben Lowy and Kira Pollock – just to name a few. Every single speaker was inspiring and would be worth a single blog entry to point out its pivotal moments  – which would of cause go far beyond the scope of this blog entry. The portfolio reviews in the so called 11:30 Club were indeed a lifetime opportunity to meet numerous people to discuss our existing work and ongoing projects and benefit from diverse perspectives in a comfortable environment…with a couple of beers.

This workshop definitely removed some blinders, convinced me to question conventional visual solutions and will hopefully push me towards new limits! I need to thank everybody who was involved in this incredible workshop from team leaders, editors, producers and techical assistances, to the black and the white team, the reviewers and speakers and all my fellow students as well as the sponsors. I’m honored to be part of the class of XXVI and consider myself now a part of the Adams family with lots of new and hopefully long-lasting friends. Stay in flight!

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