#19 Master of Arts – It’s done. Stay tuned.

Quite a few people I met during the last days and weeks were wondering, what I have been doing lately, because I seem to have vanished into thin air. Which was not too wrong… I was pretty occupied with my master’s thesis, that on the one hand consists of academic work on the chances of strengthened authorship in the field of documentary photography in the digital age to sustain its credibility and on the other a photo essay on photographic self-representation on social networking services, that goes by the working title “Hashtags Unplugged”. Instead of taking care of my own social life, I was deeply involved into the social life of others.

I am really grateful for all the support that I received first of all from my girlfriend who kicked my butt in the right moments, caressed my soul whenever it was needed and took care of our little son when I was either hiding on the desk or roaming around, for the support of my family and my Professor, Rolf Nobel, who supported this work with the harsh criticism he’s known and the encouraging words he’s loved for. And of course I am thankful for all the all the beautiful, seeking, lost and mad souls who let me document their lifes for a while!

And, believe me, I’m thankful that it’s done. At least for the moment…..or more or less. Right now I will try to find a short moment to take a deep breath and then: Keep working on “Hashtags Unplugged”! Stay tuned!

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