Fresh from the fields

In cooperation with Patrice Kunte (

In northern Germany’s agricultural landscapes thousands of saisonal workers drugde as strawberry and apple pickers, asparagus and vergetable harvesters. Despite the low wages and the long hours of hard physical labour, they often acccept being away from their families for months.

Saisonal workers form a considerable group of temporary migrants. Migrant workers need a high degree of mobility. Many of the estimated 300000 foreign harvesters follow the ripening of the fruits from Aspargus in spring to the grape harvest in autumn.

Nowadays, more and more Ukrainians and Balts are to be found on German fields whereas Polish workers, who made up the majority over a long time are driven onto the British Islands for the sake of higher wages. Due to the worsening economical situation and the threatening Brexit with its unpredictable effects, many return and work for a salary that many Germans would not work for.

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