#22 Website Relaunch

It’s done! More or less….

After six years, the time had come to relaunch my website. Maybe I would have procrastinated it for another six to ten years, if the beloved European General Data Protection Regulation would not have forced me to do so. Anyways, I spent the last couple of days to rethink, restructure and redesign this page and tidy up the blog. You can still find some posts of the past, but I skipped the majority and only kept the more important ones.

The site is not in its final stage, but I am happy that I made it that far, because I did it more or less autodidactic on my own with a little help from a friend (Check his website here). If there’s anything that seems not to be as it should, please let me know about it!

I will be adding more content in the coming weeks and months. Two ongoing projects will be ready to be shared soon. Enjoy browsing, feel free to get in touch and follow me on Instagram (@fmfotografie_com)!


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